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Discovery (track 9)

I wrote this song during a time of true discovery.

I had just left my place of employment. And when I say left, I mean I quit without notice. I left a note and never returned. It was a very frightening time for me. I had never done something so bold and outrageous in my life.

I felt that I needed to leave to stay alive. Putting in my resignation was not an option. It would have been hell. It was a crazy thing for me to do but I knew, knew, knew that is was right thing to do. I had been so fooled by what we were doing and what we stood for that I bought into it for 10 years. (I’m a slow learner)

I’m not sure what happened that day that was different but I knew it was my last day there. Something woke up inside me. Suddenly I could see clearly that I needed to change my life. And it did.

I love that the song Discovery is in 6/8 time. It really has a feel, for me, that speaks of that time. The chord changes are like the unexpected changes that came after I left that place in my life. I had not realized how much that place had eroded and zapped my life. It was a learning time and brought wisdom and a song that is one of my favorites.

-- Tina Thornhill

You and Me (track 10)

This song has taken a few roads in its life.

Originally in this song, I played the bass line. It had a “Concrete Blonde” feel about it. But as we worked on it, it just seemed to lack something. After different tempos and approaches I cleared my brain of everything about it and sat down with my acoustic guitar and started playing it from an acoustic angle.

At the next practice, I started the song from that acoustic place. It came to life! It was very exciting.

After a while we thought about a snare, percussive, syncopated rhythm to start the song. Patty made it cooler than what we heard in our heads. At one point Joel played the acoustic part that I had been playing over the percussive line. We said, "That's it!"

From that point we found fun stops and slides that really fine-tuned the song. Lynna made the bass line her own. She changed and shaped the line to fit the changes and more. Joel found the right sound and texture to give the song its taste.

When we mixed the sound down. We had a vocal effect we wanted to try. Ric Major took it even farther and gave an effect to the whole bridge section. How cool!

-- Tina Thornhill



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