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l y r i c s
Want to read the lyrics for your favorite thornhill song? Just click on any of the song titles below and you'll be directed right to 'em.
Complete Songlist

All Puffed Up
Big Man
Center Of Town
Come And Take My Hand
Don't Let It Go
The Door
Fade Over Time
Holdin' Back
Holdin' Tight
Let Go
One Dream
One Step Closer
Pick U
Same Old Story
Save The World
Say Anything
Show You Love
Something About You
Something Is Wrong
Still So Weak
Voice Of Reason
White Knight
Will I Still Be The One
You And Me

A photo of Thornhill

n e w   c d   r e l e a s e

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The band is very pleased to let you know about its brand new cd release. It's called Center Of Town, and you can CLICK HERE to learn more about it!

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