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Thornhill is extremely proud to present its first cd, Center Of Town, featuring eleven tracks of Thornhill penned originals.

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You can also download any or all of the tracks from iTunes.

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Track Listing:
1. holdin' back
2. drivin'
3. come and take my hand
4. center of town
5. still so weak
6. same old story
7. say anything
8. fade over time
9. discovery
10. you and me
11. something is wrong

All words and music by Tina Thornhill.
C & P 2006 Lawrence Allen Music. All rights reserved.

Produced by Ric Major and Thornhill.
Recorded by Joe Tury at Red Room Studios, Williamsville, IL.
Additional overdubs recorded by Ric Major at Middle Option Music, Springfield, IL.
Mixing and mastering by Ric Major at Middle Option Music, Springfield, IL.

If you're shopping here in Springfield, Illinois, Here are some fine places to find us too.

Trout Lily Cafe
218 South 6th St.
Springfield Illinois

Recycled Records
625 E. Adams St.
Springfield, Illinois 62701

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3730 Wabash Ave.
Springfield, Illinois 62711

And when in Ohio...

Dingleberry's Record Store
132 Dayton St.
Yellow Springs, Ohio

No web site but they are a cool place in a cool town.

Now you can listen to some clips from our new cd. Click here and crank it up!

Stories Behind The Songs!
Click here to learn the history of some of the tracks on Center Of Town.

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